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Established in 1998, Subhkam Ventures is a privately owned and managed family office that straddles public market investments and private equity investments. 

Our public market investment strategy is diversified across styles and timeframes to deliver alpha generating uncorrelated returns. Within the PE space, we partner as not just financial investors but also strategic advisors to build strong relationships with the management of our investee companies and support them to maximise their potential. 

Research is the cornerstone of our investment approach. Upon the foundation of extensive analysis, we employ a combination of fundamental, technical and quantitative approaches in identifying investment opportunities, keeping risk-management a focal determinant. 

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Subhkam Ventures focuses on investments in start-ups and midsized companies, by providing initial stage funding and growth capital. Apart from providing financial capital, we proactively support our investee companies in realising their potential and maximising their value through strong partnerships and strategic advise. 

We follow a philosophy of long-term value creation. Thus, each of our investment decisions is preceded by a rigorous analysis of the prospective investee company's business potential, strength and shortcomings. We adopt a “Partner and Build” strategy with well-defined exit plans to achieve long term capital appreciation.

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Subhkam Ventures adopts a hedge fund style business model, running a prop book split across multiple strategies. Strategies involve a combination of short term trading and medium term investments, with a focus on risk management.

Short term trading uses proprietary quantitative models/approaches, technicals and derivatives strategies. Medium term investment entails a one to three quarter based approach backed by fundamental & technical research inputs. Long term investments are focused on mid-cap listed companies, which could evolve into significant growth stories over time.

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